First Day of “School”

I made it home just in time. When I got to the airport in Anchorage all flights were cancelled…..because of a volcanic eruption. I really wanted to stay one more day so I thought maybe that was how God worked it out 🙂 But at the same time I really wanted to get home to my family.

The biggest factor was that Zacharyan was starting his first day at Faith Tutorial. Its this cool school that meets twice a week and teaches subjects that us homeschool Mommas dont get to soak up enough. World History, Science, Creative Writing, Art!, Spanish and the main goal is community and gaining Godly character. Sounds great if you teach at home right? I really struggled with letting my 4th grade son go “away”. I felt guilty like I wasnt doing a good job at home. I love to teach my kids in ways that meet their learning styles. Its such a fun challenge. I was able to talk through some of my fears or just normal sadness about letting Zach go for 6 hours a week and gained a real peace about allowing an amazing environment to enrich Zachs love for learning.

This morning I was a wreck. My eyes couldnt open……at all. I managed to take a shower, open all Zachs books that arrived while I was gone, threw together his notebook and got him to orientation at 8:30. Pretty stinking amazing for a Mom who doesnt do mornings gracefully.

Keaton took FULL advantage of his time with me while Z was gone. When I pulled up in the driveway he had his back pack on and said “morning Mrs. Jen, I’m all ready for school!” I have no desire to start school before Sept 9th…..but today in Keats heart it was time to learn.


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