4 Days of Marriage Maddness

Wow, I’ve missed blogging but could not fit it into my crazy schedule this past weekend! I had an AMAZING time with family and friends as we soaked up every minute of being together in the beautiful state of Alaska!

The weekend included but was not limited too…long flights, lots of friends, family time, one wedding, a bonfire on the river, late night chats, not so much sleep, a few headaches, pretty dresses, one wedding day counseling session, serious dancing, Dr. Pepper, Iced animal cookies, my girls..now college students and my best buds, and a continuation of the freezing cold summer in Alaska!

Its great to be home and this visit I actually felt like I didnt want to “live” in Alaska…visiting was perfect except for the sad part of leaving loved ones behind. So sad. So hard.

Check out the next few posts for some stories and shots from my trip! I loved seeing ya’ll and cant wait to bring the family + Molly back next time.


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