4 fast days of craziness = not enough time for my family! I loved being a part of the wedding and felt honored to be included. I loved serving the family and just being with them BUT when it was all said and done with…..I had one afternoon to love on my family. Daddy took us all out to lunch where Morgan asked for “Racaroni” at Hacienda 🙂 I got to see Dad and Mkay’s beautiful veiw again and even got to sneak in a short nap!!!

Amanda and Jeremy hosted a get together at their place where I got to hug all my friends and catch up on their lives. Dad fired up the fire and it was an instant party. What a perfect way to finish a great trip!

Gavin and Drewy ham it up!

Morgan got her TN outfit on for me! So cute.
Sister and Morgan snap some shots for me!

Mkay, Annika and I enjoy just being together 🙂


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  1. I’m so happy that you had a wonderful, whirlwind of a trip! I am SO thankful I got to see you and hug you on Sunday, Jen. It just warmed my heart to see you looking so healthy and happy (and to see the updated picture of your precious Molly)…I miss you…and wish we’d have gotten to know each other better while you were still living in AK. Well, good thing we’ve got all eternity for that! Love to you and the rest of the family! Jess


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