On the flight from Detroit to Anchorage I sat by a precious 90 year old lady named…..Bessie. I loved her before I knew her name, but now we are best friends. I always ask God to give me nice old ladies to sit by because they always talk to me and dont creep me out. Anyway, we talked for like……6 hours between her naps 🙂 I learned about her amazing life history, her family, her late husband, her new boyfriend and all the travel she has done! At the end of the flight I asked her what the hardest time was in her life so far and this was her response.

“Honey, when you are in LOVE, hard times dont seem hard at all. They are just little trials.”

Let us all learn from Bessie who lived during the depression. I would love to visit her here in Tn.
Whats the hardest thing you’ve been through? How did LOVE lighten your load?

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