A package came for Molly yesterday! More dresses from Helen, a dear friend and faithful adoption supporter.


When I was in Alaska I received an email from Bethany saying that our ICPC was cleared! Translation is this: Molly can move to the state of Tennessee 🙂 This is part of the USCIS process. We are still waiting for the letter of approval in the mail that will be sent to Korea. When I was on my run last night, I was walking to cool down and could imagine her holding my hand and walking with me. This week I am excited for my boys to have a sister! This new friendship will change their lives forever. They are so happy to have a baby girl on the way! She is almost 7 months old and is doing really well according to her HOLT well check up. Kris suprised me with the crib all set up when I came home 🙂 Its SO pretty.


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  1. Oh Jenny, your crib arrived! It is so much prettier in your home, then a catalog showroom. How super exciting to see it in her room, next to a ‘filled’ closet. I can see that crib soon ‘filled’ with sweet Molly girl. Not that she will ever be in there with all the snugs and cuddles she will be getting.Miss you all, Hugs, Mary


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