My Ballerina Friend

I got to spend the afternoon with Lindsay yesterday! Linz was a Senior with us last year and is now LA bound :)/:( We were supposed be be packing (6 suitcases) but got distracted with yearbooks, memories all over her room and then she popped in the Nutcracker DVD…..that was the end of accomplishing anything. We watched her dance and all the sudden it felt like Christmas! Her Mommy walked in the room with tears because she heard the music of an all too familiar Ballet that filled the home every year. I love the devotion and passion of this girl and can’t wait to see how God uses her beauty and gifts for Him alone. GO LINZ

Linz is an amazing ballerina…..beautiful. She’s your favorite dancer in the Nutcracker Ballet. She has basically been dancing her whole life and has worked HARD to get to this place! Her soph year she auditioned for a group called the Young Americans. They notified her at the start of her Senior year that she had been selected to join the dance school. So she is outta here, going far away to learn, dance, teach and maybe eventurally tour. I will post some ballet pics on here if I can get her to send me a few of my favorites!

Also to the right you can find her blog where she will keep up with her dancing life in LA. I will miss you Lindsay and look forward to traveling this new journey with you!!! Love, Jen

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  1. Yes NZ has been quite the adventure so’s so funny because I knew God wanted me to come here..but I also came with all of these ideas and plans and He is showing me that He brought me here for change and so much more than what I had planned.. it’s going to be good, but hard. Yes Tandy is a momma now..can you believe is so crazy. She is getting married Jan. 8th so I will go home for a bit to be with my fam..very excited. I remember when you were Tandy’s gymnastics teacher..we all thought you were so cool! 😉 you still are by the way! I can’t believe you’re not in AK..but I know it’s good. Someday..God willing, I will better know I’ll be calling you up! I’m very excited for you guys..I get a bit emotional when I read your stories..’cause I can’t wait to do something like that.


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