Love From Lindsay
How sweet are these!!!! Lindsay hooked me up with two BEAUTIFUL ballerina prints for Molly’s room 🙂 I saw these pics after I got to know her a bit and fell in love with them. They are prettier than any ballet posters you’ve ever seen! I feel so spoiled and came home and put them up right away. We said our goodbyes today after a visit to Starbucks (thanks Erin!) during second service…and then she handed me these. Thanks SO much Linz…even though you felt weird about having me hang YOU on my daughters wall…I’m pretty stinking sure every little girls room in Jackson will want one 🙂 The boys want one more…with you and a smile. Even my boys think they look super cool.

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  1. Hey Jen!!!So excited that Molly is getting closer and closer to coming home!!! I KNOW things must be getting so exciting around your house!!! Whooopppeeeee!!!I love, love all your decorations, clothes and finishing touches on her room! Just adorable! Can’t wait to see her in your arms!You asked about the guest house…. We actually worked with Eastern (just down the street from Holt), and yes, we were able to stay in their guest house. We loved it. It was so cool to meet other families, see the baby nursery, administrative offices, etc. Totally would do it again! We traveled in March so it was still quite cold. I hear that Eastern has no A/C in their guest house…. don’t know about Holt. Just something to consider if you think that might bother you….Are you still waiting for the I-600 approval???? Do you know if Molly has EP or PP yet????Loved your story about the lady on the plane! How cool!We’ve been busy starting back to school. I was nervous this year schooling Callie in 3rd, Claire in Kindergarten, and chasing after Kate (now 14 months). But, I just told my DH today that it is falling into a routine and I still love homeschooling! How priviledged we are to have the opportunities to input so much into our children’s lives!Well, prayers here that the last legs of your paperwork process will proceed quickly!!!! Can’t wait!Chelle


  2. Ah Jen….I too, was sad to not see you while you were here. I knew it was to be a whirlwind trip for you though! I'll hold out for the next trip when you bring Molly & the boys with you! You are an amazing lady. I've taken a blog vacation…I love it and miss it, but between MN, family here and being sick…had to let it go a bit. Time to get back! Proud of you for letting Zach “go” for a few hours each week! I'm sure he's soaking it up Zach-style:) My girls start school tomorrow…..Hugs to you!


  3. Those are GREAT, Jen!! How perfect for Molly’s room! I’m sure that you’re just bursting with expectation every day waiting. Thanks for sharing all of the great pics of the fun things that you’re doing in preparation for your little girl…her rooom looks adorable!


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