Wedding Time!

I have lots of fun wedding pics from my adventure last weekend! I’m trying not to post them all at once 🙂 The bride treated us to a manicure…my first ever. Of course us girls enjoyed every moment of that pampering except the bride…she was sick to her stomach from nerves and the smell in that place didnt help her out.

The morning of the wedding we all had hair appointments. When I showed up, I could tell that the bride was discusted with how her hair turned out…SO, yep she went home washed it and started over at the church! Nothing like adding to a stressful day, but she handled it so well. One of her bridesmaids, her sister-in-law saved the day and did her hair perfectly.

Getting everyone ready was great fun and super “chill”…in fact there was no looking at clocks or freaking out about the time. The coordinator came in and announced that it was “time” and there we all went down the elevator.

The best part about that day besides the fact that Jennifer and Frasier became Mr. and Mrs., is the photographer. Mellissa Laggis aka the “Picture Lady”. This is an amazing gal who sets the tone for the big day natutally with her fun and relaxed personality.

Kris and I went to school with Missy so it was great fun to catch up with her 🙂 I cant wait to see her unique and beautiful shots! Missy did a shoot for our adoption fundraising cards, taking GREAT pics of our family that I have yet to order….Cant wait for her to take Molly’s pictures one day. Actually, she is interested in going to Seoul with us to document (in an amazing way) our trip, the culture, and the sweet moments when Molly becomes a Howell. I will keep you posted on that! She would create a documentary in pictures that would tell the greatest story of LOVE ever in her photography career. Oh how I hope it works out.


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