Miss CH with her famous celebrity wave….the cutest thing ever. She is pretty much Zachs new girlfriend 🙂

Meet Molly’s Buddies

There are a whole bunch of baby girls that are right around Molly’s age at church! The best part is that the Mommas are super fun too.

They invited us over for a swim and lunch play date without Molly but with the boys 🙂 They had some good practice… holding and entertaining three little girls!

I love being around these guys because it reminds me what Molly is like at almost 7 months!!!!! She has a great instant friend situation and a pretty huge fan club waiting for her arrival!

Thanks for waiting with us Erin, Shannon and Carly! I am SO excited for Molly to meet your sweetie girls. Can not wait. But since we MUST wait, I love spending time with your little ones.

Zach and Peyton play with Tori. Isnt she PRECIOUS!

Baby Andi wakes from her naptime with smiles for us all. She is a “chill” baby girl. Love her.

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  1. LOVE this post. Not just because Carlee Hayse is pictured, but becasue it makes me soooooo excited that our girls are going to grow up together. I cried while I was reading it to Jon. One of the things that I prayed for most while I was pregnant with CH was that she would have awesome friends. And a bonus for me is that her awesome friends have awesome moms!!! I see LOTS of slumber parties in our future!!!!


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