Fun With Friends

It was a whirlwind trying to see everyone in four days in Alaska…but Sis and Jeremy had a get together at their place after church and before I flew home that night! It was a blast catching up with good friends 🙂 I miss ya’ll and love the friendship we have, even far away!
Bonnie boo 🙂 All grown up now. We got to live with Bonnies family while are home in AK was being built and then moved back in after that home sold. We job searched, phone interviewed all her home. What a amazing family.
Diana and Cathryn! My little Sisters…had these girls and their two older Sisters in our wedding 12 years ago. We got to hang out together in youth ministry and now we get to be close, close friends. There is nothing better than having friends who know you best!
My girls all in a circle under the clear blue sky! I got to be their leader for a short time and now they are seniors! Love the connection we have 🙂

Kep, Rach and cutie Savannah! Amazing friends, committed, cool and contagious leaders that we desperately miss here in TN.

Time with Tom, Joe and Elisey Lu 🙂 Loved hugging on these guys!


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