Yes, I stalk the mailman…
Every morning we watch for him. Then the boys run to the end of the driveway. I grab the camera. He stops says hey, hands the mail to the chosen child of the morning and drives off. Then the announcement comes of yes we got a letter for Sis or no we did not. I think its coming really soon. I really was hoping for it by this weekend but the Real Simple mag came and that helped hold me over till this week….come on USCIS, get your paperwork in order, my daughter is w-a-i-t-i-n-g-. 🙂

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  1. Can’t comment on adoption, other than we’re so expectant and excited for you, but I can comment on your taste…I too love Real Simple mag. (it’s the only one I subscribe to!)The other day Josiah was lamenting the void in his life since Zachy left. He said, “*sign* I just wish Zach was still around…” ;-(But we’re glad you’re where you’re happy and supposed to be!!


  2. Just add stalking to your list of hobbies!!! I can’t wait for Molly to get here. I was talking to Carlee Hayse this morning about her friend Molly that we have not met. (I am not sure that she totally understands, but I want her to be excited!!!)


  3. HI Jen, I am just praying for you. All of our fingerprints cleared the week after you left, that was only 1.5 months from when they were submitted and our agency has said that they have girls due and not enough families so things will probably go fast. I feel like I am in a whirl wind right now, trying to fill out all the loan and grant apps so that we can have enough money by the time we get this baby! I am still shocked at how quickly things are going. I feel like a crazy person! So much to do and so many emotions. I can’t even imagine all that you must be feeling. Hang in there, you are so in our prayers!


  4. HAHA that is tooo funny. I am waiting on that same piece of paper too. (They questioned something when we updated this time!) I hadn’t thought of getting HIS picture. I’ll have to add that to my list. The Fed Ex guy is on my list for when we get our referral. I’ve got it all planned out, the camera will be on the table in the hallway waiting to catch the moment. Oh – how fun. Something else to make me look crazier than ever. Thanks for the idea. I LOVE IT!!!! Now, I’m off to go plant the amunition. -Charity


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