This is why I LOVE my girls….

Tonight at FSM Kris did a lil talk about wisdom and how it can save us a LOT of regret in our lives. I had the priviledge of leading all the girlies and loved being with and teaching them.

So, I asked them to come up with some Proverbs of their own to open up our discussion/chat time and here are a few of the winners!

“She who deprives herself a cookie, misses out on something sweet.”

“She who takes too long in the restroom, will be late to class”
“Be wise in choosing the table you sit at during lunch, for you know not what they speak of”

And my favorite…

“A fool buys an outfit without trying it on, but a wise woman takes the extra time to make sure it fits.”

“If your friends want you to go clubbing…suggest ice cream instead”

“When a boy approaches you and asks you out, say “Sorry, I’m so taken.”

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