Movies in the Park

Gotta love west TN. Our community group kicked off the year with meeting at this great park! They started a series of movies and this night it was “Wizard of Oz”.

Our crew showed up. Susanna made the most amazing kettle corn EVER. Holly baked up some strawberry shortcake deliciousness and the kids sported glow sticks that doubled as light sabors!

All was going just fine unti they couldnt get the movie to project on the screen….Kris headed over to help the situation. With a little relocation and just in time for sundown it worked! Way to go baby.

We had to make an early exit because the movie had two elements that freak out children. 1. A green witch. 2. A tornado! 🙂

I ended up bringing the kettle corn bag home…big mistake. Ate the rest of the bag while watching USA basketball..
Blake with his cuties enjoying the night. We missed you Catherine!

Glow sticks make the night perfect.


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