Jesus has good handwriting…

According to my four year old son that is. Tonight after we read a sweet book called One Lost Lamb, we were talking about how God is like a shepherd taking care of His sheep. On and on we went with some great, insightful discussion about why sheep wonder and why the shepherd looks so hard for just one shhep when there are ninety nine others. After Keaton finished his marathon of questions, Peyton had a chance to speak some pretty amazing words that we should all ponder…

“Mom, do you think Jesus can make good “S’s”?

Umm, well yeah Peyton I’m pretty sure He gets super stars every time He makes an “S”.

“Well you know He can make WAY better “S’s”than you Momma.”

(I didnt argue that statement)

“If Jesus found me would he carry me around His neck like those sheep?”

He may just carry you regular unless you wanted a piggy back or something fun like that”

“No thanks, can I just walk?”

Of course…..

I love story time 🙂 If you have little ones or know little ones this is a sweet book.

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