We are getting some calls today about our little hometown in Alaska, home of future VP of the United States 🙂

As soon as the announcement came, my friend Kati called and said, “turn on the TV, they’re talking about WASILLA!”

This is crazy cool and McCains decision just turned a really blah election into totally exciting… for us that is.

Sarah and her family go to our church Wasilla Bible, so that is a fun piece of trivia for ya’ll. So what do ya’ll think about his choice? Risky like the media says or smart on his part? Piper is really cute in this picture and was in Sunday school with Keat 🙂 So fun. Alaska is full of pride anyway just because of the size, its uniqueness and its amazing beauty. They even have tshirts that boast their one and only prefix for telephone…”Represent 907″. Oh now they’re rep’in AK.


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