Goodbye Party Themes..

My nine year old son had simple requests for his birthday. No gifts, just money. No party just two friends. Go out to eat and maybe bowling or a movie.

This may seem like a lot but this Momma is used to deckin out the house with a theme and inviting the whole town over for the event. This was easy.

Kris came up with a fun idea (its actually a total youth pastor thing to plan). We would go on a progressive dinner at Z’s fav places! When his buddies arrived we went staight to Toys RUs to spend the bday money from family and friends. The purchase? A new helmet, Rip Stick (scooter scateboard deal) and a jump.

We started with a game of bowling where P.J. the 4 year old won! Next it was Arbys for the appitizer…mozz sticks. The next stop was Wendys for burgers and fries. And the dessert place of choice is Red Robin of course, for mud pie and a song. It was simple, fun and felt very grown up!


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  1. I've found myself caught up on your blog yet again.. it gets so distracting, not to mention there are zillions of posts I've never read.. so I'm finding all these old ones from a year or more ago.

    Not to be cheesy but reading all the blogs about your kids makes me feel so warm inside. You are such a wonderful mother and you make me want to raise my kids just like you are raising yours. Homeschooling them and having them so involved with church.

    They are such good kids and I can tell you guys all have such a strong family bond. I want that one day. You are such an inspiration sweet Peach.


  2. Happy bday Zach! What an awesome bday idea- you guys sure know how to celebrate! And, good job Peyton. Parker is taking up bowling, too, on the WII and he always beats us!


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