Oh SO Close…

In came the mail at 10 am…birthday cards for Zach, a package for Zach AND one very precious letter from USCIS in Memphis!!!!

I started freaking out asked Keat to grab the phone and then I remembered that they usually send out a letter that says they have “received” the form we filed. This letter comes right before the official approval letter. This is NOT the final doc we are waiting on BUT it is the next best thing!!!

I called our agency in Memphis and Deb said that since this letter was dated about three weeks ago, our final letter of approval is just around the corner. We can expect it in our box next week or at the latest the week after!

Once we get that “publishers clearing house letter”, we are only looking at four weeks till travel!!! We could very well be on our way to our baby girl by the end of September! OMGoodness. Hold on friends…this sweet adoption is all going to shake down really soon! We’ve got lots to do still to be ready for her………..Awwwwwwww.


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  1. I am so glad to wake up & see you posted!!!! I told Andy that I think God answered my prayers. The other night coach told us who was on the team & he said some kids from Fellowship!! Well, deep down I was hoping it was Keaton!!!! Oh how much fun the next few weeks are going to be. Don't worry if you travel on a weekend, we can get the boys to soccer. ;0) Enjoy. Get started packing – You are going to KOREA!!!!!Gotta go get started on some school. -Charity


  2. Oh Jen….Can't imagine your emotions right now! Did you have a “She's just one letter away” celebration tonight???!!!!! What a path you've walked so far & what a story she'll have to tell! Similar to pregnancy, these final weeks may be long, but God knows the perfect day, right? She's worth every precious minute. Happy Birthday Zach!!! I remember your train birthday many years ago….AAh, fun memories! How old were you that year? You were always such a good sport to come to Ella's parties as the only boy….You even came to her Cinderella party! It was all good practice for becoming a big brother to a sweet little girl!!! Can't wait to hear the news about Sissy and it sounds like it'll be SOON!


  3. It would be SO amazing if she was in your arms when we come in Oct!!!! Can’t wait, sis… We’re almost all the way booked on all our flights!! My Dallas to Memphis is all done. Miss ya


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