Kick’in Tail

Peyton Jeff wanted nothing to do with soccer sign ups. He said he wanted no one watching him and he “wanted to practice away from the other kids”. You may be asking “why?”.

The answer is simple. In Peyton’s mind he just wants to play and not deal with the attention that comes with being cute and good! Not to be a boastful Momma but he is super cute and pretty good at sports for a 4 year old. Thus he gets lots of “cute” comments from EVERYONE.

We signed him up anyway, thinking when brothers started practice that he would be all over it. It worked! Although I am convinced that he is really in it for the cool water bottle. Serious.

He had his first practice and was waving to me the whole time and giving me the thumbs up. This is going to be a fun season and Daddy makes it even more so with his sideline cheering.

P.S. Look at PJ and the other blonde cutie to his left…ya think its time for a haircut? Where is Peyton?


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  1. How fun! Peyton does look like a stellar athlete! Parker is starting indoor soccer, that’s what we have to do in great up north, on Friday. Wish you were here so Peyton and Parker could be in the same class. I’ll post a picture in his uniform, that is his new favorite “costume”. We went shopping for “soccer” shoes today- it does not take much to please this little guy!


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