Sarah Rocked It!

Again, I’m not huge on politics…but this is refreshing. Yeah, there is some hometown pride in this house. Having Wasilla on the map is just plain weird.

A friend from home said its like the twilight zone there around town. My Dad called tonight on his way home from work in Anchorage and gave me a good laugh when he said he was waving at all the media teams as he drove through town! Hahahha. He wasnt joking. Funny Dad.

Wow, I thought she did a great job tonight. Speaking with boldness and softnness at the same time. She continues to show her very real self to the country. I think many are comforted by her “say it how it is” reality. She has great politician speaking skills but thankfully doesnt have a politician personality :). Shes one mean mulit-tasking Mother, Mayor, Gov, and now VP nominee.

Our Ak company that is here with us has given us some fun stories to tell about all the hype there in Wasilla…I’ll share those later.

I can’t believe Sally and Chuck Heath are on Yahoo 🙂 Sally was our favorite secretary at Wasilla High. Shes lovable. Mr. Heath was a fav teacher and served later as a popular substitute teacher for science.

Red, I put this cute pic of Piper on here for you to smile at:) Red taught Pipers Sunday school class at church!


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  1. I wore my Wasilla High School sweatshirt yesterday (not thinking) and was stopped by SO many people!! Go Wasilla!!Sarah DID do a fantastic job and I know she will continue to do so because she knows the Lord and wants more then anything to do his will…can you imagine what THAT can do for this country??


  2. Hey Jen,Couldn’t agree more, so refreshing and it is so crazy that she is from the small town and church that I have relatives in.:)Thanks for your continuing advise for homeschooling. I should be receiving my cirriculum today via FedEx and I am very axious to review it so we can start school. The boys are loving not being in school while everyone else is!:)Thanks again and advise is always welcome. Have fun with your company! Talk to you soon, Charis


  3. haha, thanks jen. yeah this is weird. i can’t believe it. i haven’t been watching the news at all or anything so everything i hear is second-hand. everyone is talking about wasilla! crazy!


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