Bringin more AK to TN

They’re here!!! The Lewis clan arrived today to bring Michael to Union U 🙂 Yep, we are thrilled, excited and going to love having part of our life in Alaska right around the corner in Tennessee.

Mary and Rich brought him here to get him all set up…and boy did he get the hook ups! Mary and I went out on the town and got all he needs to run the coolest, best cooking dorm room on campus. Oh, and look at the cutie dress Mary got for Molly 🙂 So sweet.

Rich and Mike stayed home with our 3 monkeys and ate up every moment of Howell boy energy efforts.

Rich and Mary have been long time friends, but more like family to us Howells. They love our kids. We love theirs. We get them for a week and look forward to being a part of start up at Union this week. More pics to come from campus, where they have rebuilt since the tornado!

Gotta go…Sarah Palin is on 🙂


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