We Worked It!
Had a fun interview this afternoon from our local channel 7 news! The gal that came out was super sweet and she let us have some fun 🙂
We busted out the yearbooks, Diploma from WHS and some good AK pics. She wanted pics of our church in Wasilla but the only ones we had were some from the wedding I was in recently and some after church with my girls! All the stuff we have is on video.
We were suprised at how she opened the interview..she wanted to know how we met!!! Dang it, we werent ready for that fun question and did a lame job of telling our high school love story. Oh well, at least she asked 🙂
She didnt want us to talk about anything specific, like her views and stuff. We mostly chatted about what we thought of her running and how we thought she would do going from Wasilla to the White House.

Z and K when we told them we got to be on the news tonight, representing Wasilla and Sarah!
The set up! I was just saying how our next chalk board display would be with our AK map with some pics…so we hurried and put it up after my frantic cleaning spree!
I didnt do the “Palin” with my hair but did wear my Wasilla Warrior powder puff jersey that Kris pulled out!
Kris talking about how in the world we ended up in Jackson, Tn – from Wasilla, Ak.

What a fun suprise..we got a msg this morning from a friend at church (thanks Benji) who gave a lead to a friend at the station that we served at Sarah’s church….thats all it took and they were on our doorstep. HAHAHAHHAH. We figured it was coming. It was fun to share about our hometown! If it happens again, we will be ready. So please record, tevo, whatever so we can have it. THANKS.

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