Marathon of a Sunday…

Whew. Just got 11 hours of uninterupted snooze 🙂 Kris got home from a Memphis Tigers football game at 1:30am Saturday and I got to hang out with my friend Shannon and didnt go to sleep until 2am. Sunday morning came all too soon.

9am to 2nd service
Massive crowds of people at FBC!
12:30 home for lunch and 45 min nap
2pm back to church to drop boys off with Kris
I run to baby shower
3:30 back to church
4pm I write letter of recc for student
5pm set up for youth (asked God to bring new students)
6pm Taco Bell & chillin with students ( three new students showed up)
7pm keeping boys quiet for Kris to talk (was a GREAT talk by the way)
8pm sand vball with a slight competitive edge
8:30ish students start to leave (boys found baby snake and scared the snap out of me)
9:00 clean up barn count money from dinner
9:30 HOME
Boys eat cereal (always hungry) brush teeth, go to bed.
10:00 pm ME TO BED FINALLY!!!!!!!!


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