Caller ID

The phone rang while Kris was home for lunch, so being the on edge adoptive Mommy that I am…I ran for it. Caller ID said Adoptive Servives WACAP.

Why were they calling? What happend? Is Molly okay? Do we owe mo money? Does Molly have a sister? All these thoughts rushed in and out of my brain as I let it ring three times and then answered, “Hello, Howells”.

Whew, it was GOOD NEWS. The gal who we work with in Seattle was calling to say that S. Korea is all ready to send Molly to the United States! She is clear and ready to come! The hold up you ask?? MEMPHIS. Still waiting on the letter from the adoption unit in Memphis…its coming though. I know it. Once that letter gets in the black box at the end of our driveway…we will start packing our bags!!! From letter to travel, they are estimating 3-6 weeks but possibly 2.

Can I officially say that this whole process is MUCH more draining and difficult that any of the three pregnancies I’ve experienced.

So the HOPE cross hangs in her room. She’s coming home.


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