BOND part 2

BOND part 2

Welcome Union Leaders!!!

Some more pics from our Bond night @ FSM! Students arrived and immediately got into their small groups. Each group had to come up with a list of common “bonds” that they all shared. Next the groups were led outside where they were bound together one at a time for a foot relay that eventually included the whole group! After their feet were bonded, they tied their hands together (all 60) of them and made a long line. Follow the leader led them in and out of the parking lot and back inside to small groups again.

Dinner was served BONDservant style. They had to eat all tied up and had to ask for food/drink for the person on their right and left. While they were still bonded, Kris gave a devo on community and serving each other.

To conclude the night each group was given a bag of props and some requirements for a SPY SPOOF skit. After much directing and team effort each group put on a a-mazing skit.

The purpose was accomplished and the groups have established some unity!


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