Still Stalking the Mailman…

Today is one of those sad, sad days. The kind of day where I am lonely for our daughter and grieving each day that we are missing being with her. This weekend marks her 8 month bday guys.

I know she is doing well in Korea and is being loved on like crazy but I am officially fried from all this waiting and endless anticipation. Will it ever end? Will she really make it to our arms?

The boys and I went on a run this morning and I was hoping that when we got back, the letter would be in the black box….

Nope, it wasn’t. Instead, I got a reply back from USCIS saying that due to the heavy work load, it may take two more weeks. You’ve got to be kidding me. The frustrated Mommy in me wanted to shoot an email right back at em. BUT I didn’t. They may “loose” her paperwork. So instead emailed the gal with Bethany that helps us in Memphis for some words of hope. Seriously.

The only way my human brain can turn this into a positive situation, is to think that Korea will make up for the time lost in Memphis (almost 2 months) and turn around quicker than ever with our travel call. Would you pray that way for us?


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  1. I am on it! Pray, pray, praying for little Molly to get here sooner than later. I know the Lord knows what’s going on and that His plan is perfect. But, it’s just so hard to be patient and let Him do His thing sometimes. Don’t fear…..she will be here before you know it! You guys are in my prayers! See you Saturday!-Jen


  2. Oh Jen. I am sorry and of course continuing to pray with you. I couldn’t help but think…as I was reading this post…God is really giving you an amazing glimpse of how He must feel as He waits for His beloved souls to “come home” into His arms. Amazing that He longs for every human soul to come for Him for adoption into His family….He is always and actively waiting. WOW.


  3. I check your blog daily to see if it’s time to go to Korea. Will be praying for you guys. I know it must be tough to not fly apart and be completely freak out. The day is coming soon, and then it will seem like she has always been there.


  4. I’m praying with you. Don’t give up. God ALWAYS keeps His promises. Little Molly will be here before you know it, and in God’s perfect timing. (You may have to remind me of this at some point.)-Charity


  5. You are at the TOP of the prayer list and I will mention it at bible study tomorrow so my prayer warrior girlfriends can hold you up too. Fully Rely On God, He will supply the patience. Love you.


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