Coffee, breakfast dishes, homeade cinnamon bread stuff, muffins, fruit, lots of Mommas and loads of babies created a great environment for ladies this morning!

I got to share a segment on BLOGGING this morning at our Moms & More group! IT was fun to talk with other gals about why I love to blog and how it helps us to celebrate our family.

It turns out that there were a handful of bloggers in the room and I think a few others are sold on the idea.

The best thing I got to share today was the info I found on BLURB about how to order a BLOG BOOK! I’ve always thought that someone should create a business where you can send your blog and they make it into a book! Check out the BLURB link to the right. Its reasonable and would make a great family Christmas gift each year.

Welcome to Nighthowells all you bloggin Mommas! I loved spending time with ya’ll this morning!


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  1. I LOVED to hear you talk about blogging. I just told Jon tonight that I would like to sit down with you to have you help me create a blog. I think it would be fun to share with friends and family what all CH is up to and to just “journal” about issues that are close to my heart. And I noticed that the one picture of me that you posted I have my mouth open wide with my coffee cup in my hand. That is a true picture of who I really am!!!


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