Chocolate and Shopping

To help with the longer wait news..I baked some cookies and found a sweet online boutique full of cute Korean things for kids. I LOVE this site. Just window shopped but it was nice to know that if I don’t find everything in Seoul I want to bring home for Molly, I can order it from little seouls. Perfect. I really want to buy 18 little special things for her next 18 birthdays while we are there. That should keep me busy!


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  1. Hi Jen!Was so good to hear from you. I added your blog to my list…hope that is ok 🙂 I am super excited for Amanda and fam to come see you guys!!! I love your little seouls website, so cute. I am gonna have a ton of fun keeping up on your blog.


  2. Got any cookies left? I think I might be needing some. The last 2 nights China has added kiddos to the portal & we still haven't gotten a call. I guess I am going to have to pull myself away from this computer or I am going to gain about 50 pounds with this pregnancy.See you on Saturday!!!!-Charity


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