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I have this blog friend who sent me a great email this morning. She has been there…waiting and waiting and waiting. I’ve lifted my head today and snapped out of my adoption fog after being reminded by Heather that it doesnt matter how slow or fast this last leg of paperwork processes….God has a set time for us to meet. She gave me some fun things to focus on and I needed that re-direction!
Go check out Whittakerwoman and watch her son Losiah’s adoption story on video 🙂 

WARNING: If you visit her site, you’ll want to move in! Lots of celebrating family goin on over there.

Oh, I wish I could give you some great words right now, but those last three weeks were the worst. I forget what papers we were waiting on… But some got lost, some were wrong, I just remember all this drama. I remember waiting and waiting finally calling and them telling me that they had nothing in the system. I had to do it all over. Oh so terrible!

I remember calling and calling and working my way up the food chain to talk to someone who could actually make things go faster. But really all you can do is be patient. And realize that God knows the date you will see Molly for the first time and nothing you can do to speed it up. Either the paper work will get done fast or it will take a couple more weeks, but the date is already set.

Try to just roll with the punches. I know this does not matter now, because you feel every second that passes, but just know when you do finally hold her you will forget all of this. You will not remember any of this!

Well unless you want to adopt again. There are such things called adopted mothers paperwork labor pains and I still have not forgotten them, and that makes me not ready to adopt again…. For this very reason!
I am so excited for you! It will be the best thing ever!
Have you gotten everything done at home…
Gotten things ready for the kids while you are gone?
Figured out your foster mom gift?
Planned your travel and stops?

You could totally go do your HOliday shopping so you can spend time with her then instead of being out in the crowds? I am just trying to occupy your time! H
Thanks Whittakerwoman for helping me out!

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