Still Waiting…

As I was saying in the last post…the shower celebration for Molly was so wonderful. The house was full of sweet gals who love to have fun.

We had a yummy breakfast brunch and then moved into a prayer time for Molly and our family that sent us girls to the tissue box.

Every guest got a sweet, sweet bookmark (thanks S.B.) with her picture, verse, and blog address on the front. On the back were beautifully had written in caligraphy words (thanks Cathy). Not just any word, but very special character qualities for our girl. We each prayed for our qualitiy for Molly and by the time that was over….I was already overwhelmed with the love and support these guys have shown us and considered that time for Molly better than any gift we could recieve. Now SHE was ready to come home.

As I opened each gift, Catherine had me share a little about our adoption story so far.Some of the questions were: Tell us about when you first decided to adopt? How did you raise funds? What will our time look like in Korea? Why did you pick Korea? and lots of other fun questions.

I got to show off Molly’s pics and important letters!

We were spoiled with bags of beautiful girl things. My heart was racing with all those pink gifts to open. When I came home all of us sat in Sissy’s room and looked at all the sweet gifts! We even opened her tea set and practiced! The boys were laughing and having fun but were a little concerned when I told them that Sis may require a button up shirt verses the athletic shorts and shirtless boys that run around here!

India found this cutie shirt..MY DAD ROCKS. Why, yes he does and oh how this baby girl is going to melt his heart. Our lives are about to change forever and its not the pink….its the precious little person that is about to find her way home!


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