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We are only counting the days until Molly Howell comes home, but we are also counting down for our family to arrive from Alaska!!!

My sis, her hubby and four kids will be here in early October for a week of crazy fun! Some friends from church do cousin camp with their family every year and we thought we would pull off a camp of our own this fall.

I’ve been busy looking up craft ideas and fun field trip ideas in west TN. My fav craft that is actully useful and not just cute is this birthday banner full of family pics and birthdays to remember (since I am terrible at keeping up). I am working on our t-shirt design too…should be pretty fun!

So far the camp schedule includes a campout on the Tennessee River, a day trip to a pumpkin patch farm, lots and lots of swimming, a cousin them day scavenger hunt, picnic in the park, a trip to the Farmers Market and the rest is just being together!

At the end of our camp, we are thinking of having an early Thanksgiving dinner together. Its not very often any more that all 11 of us can be together 🙂 We went from being next door neighbors to thousands of miles away neighbors.

Give me any fun ideas you have for cousin camp!


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  1. Love the new look, Jen! Just taught Ella what a paisley was yesterday! Cousin camp sounds like it’ll be tons of fun…I made a personalized version of GO FISH (Called GO SMITH and GO VIGER:) cards for all the cousins a few years back. Some are too old for it now, but the younger ones still play it. Actually, I’ve done it twice as our family keeps growing. While in MN this summer, I was reminded I need to make one more version so all 12 cousins are represented!


  2. LOVE the paisley!!! Have you looked into Reelfoot Lake, or Shiloh, or Pinson Mounds, or… Never mind – I've got a book that I'll bring to the game Sat. It'll just be easier for you to borrow it & come up with some ideas that will be good for your camp. (which sounds way cool by the way) -Charity


  3. I like the new look! I noticed you have tried a couple others, is this one here to stay? It seems like you always have some kind of camp or another, with all your visitors, but this one will be extra special I am sure!Danielle


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