Molly’s Final Approval Letter is HERE

What a Day!
It is 12:57 am and I am just now sitting down to blog about the day we got “THE LETTER”! Wooooooooo hooooooooo.

So, the mailman has been late the past three days…and I have to start school by 10ish or we dont get all our stuff done. We started school and took a snack/check the mail again break.

It was Peyton’s turn today so he ran out but it seemed like slow motion today…honestly I took in his words and remembered them. “I think this is gonna be the day Mom! Won’t you be so excited if Mollys come home paper is here?”

He checked it as I waited up on the sidewalk…I saw the manilla envelope but thought it was some sweepstake certificate. He handed it to me and I saw the label from USCIS in Memphis.

Heart was pounding, boys were jumping and saying “oh my goodnes, oh my goodness….” Keaton ran and grabbed the phone to call Daddy and we opened it on the phone with him!

Next, we called Zach at his class and he came to the phone to hear the news about Molly. He started to cry happy tears and later told me how excited and kind the teachers were when he got off the phone.
Then we called family, friends and our agency of course. The next and final wait is for the National Visa Center to get her Visa done and sent to S. Korea. Then Molly will be called in for her “interview” and picture. Then comes the travel phone call. The timeframe could be from one week (miracle) to three weeks before the Visa gets out of the U.S. office and to the Embassy in Seoul.
So, basically – we have a LOT to get ready for her homecoming. First on the agenda….bedding (that we are now having made because Daddy wasn’t so fly with my sweet find! Thankfully a gal at church sews baby bedding and tomorrow we get to go pic the fabric! The other “gotta have it ” item is a stroller/car seat combo. The rest we can find when she gets here.
We are overwhelmed with thanks and joy. Our arms are aching to cuddle our baby girl and there are a TON of cute clothes that she needs to fit into very soon :).


11 thoughts on “Molly’s Final Approval Letter is HERE

  1. The girls have been praying…can’t wait to tell them God’s news tomorrow when they wake! Molly will have 3 of the sweetest big brothers ever…Can’t wait to see your completed family picture soon.


  2. YEAH Molly's coming, Molly's coming, Molly's coming!!!!!!!!! I've been out all day & how exciting to come & read this. Better get to packing!We are all pumped for you guys. I guess I should go wake up the boys so we can start happy dancing. ;0)-Charity


  3. WOW! We are so excited for your family! It brought tears to my eyes to read your post. The waiting is almost over and your sweet little Molly can come HOME! We will be praying that the last few steps come together quickly and smoothly.


  4. Oh, Jen! I’m soooooo excited you have your I600!!! WOWZERS!!!! Molly is going to be home VERY soon! Oh, I can’t wait to open up your blog and see her sweet face finally in your arms! Thank you, Lord!!!!Sorry it took me a few days to respond to your questions about Kate’s formula. I went to our attic space and checked out the LARGE can they sent us home with. I was hoping it would say something like, “made in Korea” on the bottom, but I couldn’t read a lick of it! The manufacturer is Maeil and they do have a web site, Went there, but again, couldn’t discover anything. Also, there is a on the can. Again, nothing that I could detect there….I really wouldn’t panic, though. Having been over there just a short 6 months ago, and seeing how thorough and caring they are…. I’m CERTAIN they have investigated their formula’s to make sure it’s safe! NO WORRIES! Right when we got back home Seoul started having all those demonstrations against American beef, remember? Yeah. They really care about these things! Peace to your heart!!! 🙂Oh, I really loved the linens you picked out, and thought you were an amazing wife to let them go since your hubby wasn’t so keen on them! That’ll preach, sister! 🙂Can’t wait to see what you finally go with!Hope you have a happy, HAPPY weekend with that sweet immigration certificate now in your hands! Oh, happy, HAPPY day!!!I love following your journey and your blog ~ I’ve sort of let my blog go on hold for now…. Once school started up, and chasing Kate, I’m swamped! 🙂Feel free to email me if you want to chat: tcregal@alltel.netHave the best weekend ever! (there’s only a few left before your sweet Molly will be here to add to your joy!)Chelle


  5. YAY!! I get to leave the first “congrats” comment!! I’m so happy for you all, I know you are just aching to hold her and cuddle her and now it’s just around the bend. Thanks for keeping us up to date and I can’t wait to see pics of you and your boys with your precious little girl!


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