Pack, Unpack, Pack, Unpack…

When I brought home all Molly’s beautiful gifts from her shower, Keaton packed her snazy diaper bag full!

Later, I went through the cuteness that he stuffed in there and repacked.

Now, for real – I am laying out her things and trying to figure out what needs to go and what is just “dress up” stuff! We could have her with us the day we fly home or the night before we fly!

So, this is what her floor looks like today. Piles of cuteness waiting to meet the cutest Molly ever.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Can’t wait to hear about your trip and see pics! Rachel said you only have to stay a few days which is so nice!! I know the waiting at the end is so hard, it will be here so soon and then your life will be crazy again! 🙂Love Abby Spear


  2. PINK PINK PINK!! LOVING IT!! Can’t wait! Any day now….seriously! SOON! AAHHHHH!! So excited for you guys! Hope you guys are enjoying this beautiful day! Hope to see you at the play time at the church in the morning!!love-jen


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