Yes, I am a fan of John Deere…

My field of snow dissapeared today…All of the cotton fields are being harvested now and these farmers have quite the opperation going on and it is ALL made possible by these sweet John Deere tractors!

I have been raised to love John Deere heavy equipment since I was born. My Daddy has worked with J.D. for most of my life in sales. He always trained my Brother, Sis and I to pledge our tractor adoration ONLY to the big GREEN and YELLOW. This was such a major part of our life, that when we would drive past another dealership/company that sold tractors we would let out a big “BOOOOOO” to the Catapillar, or Craftsman that was taking up space and causing such an ugly view 🙂 That devotion is still with me today. When I drove past my snow field today, I was sad until I saw the J.D. working and getting the job done. Then I was just proud of my GREEN and YELLOW heritage. Thanks Dad for including us in your love and life long devotion to J.D. I love that my childhood includes calling dealerships funny names because they sell the “other” kind of tractors. We would call Wasilla Tool Rental, Wasilla Fool Rental. Another favorite was this place we would pass all the time called “EZ Rent” but we called it “Sleezy Rent”. I know, it sounds harsh but really it is hysterical. These pics are for you Dad! I love you.


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