Congrats to our ATO pledge!

For those of you who havent read any of the other posts about one of our fav AK youth ministry students coming to Jackson to you to college….we are loving having Michael here just around the corner! He really is an extension of our family of boys and this Sunday he invited us to his plegde ceremony at the ATO house at Union U.

This is our first Fraternity experience and so far, its been a long but really cool relational experience.

Mike’s name was called at the door of the “house” so he could enter as Mr. Lewis. In he walked, all grown up and confident of where God had placed him. It was a sweet moment that would make any substitute Mom and Dad proud 🙂

I loved the creed that they read. These guys stand for truth, accoutability and mostly honoring God through word and deed. They care about each other and take the brotherhood seriously. Of course fun is always a part of this adventure. Mike has been to more dinner parties in two weeks than I’ve been to in my life. Along with dinner parties and roller skating come the need to find a date! Lots of dates.

Mike was nominated as the Chaplain of the freshman pledge class which is a great fit for his passion to grow as a man of God. Way to go bud! We love having you back in our lives and are selfishly thankful God allowed you to land here…for the preparation and the calling on your life professionally but also for the lives you will and are enriching here at UU. We love you.


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