Amanda & Annika in TN

Boys Meet Annika!

We are all recovering from a late night with Auntie and Annika last night! My Sis arrived yesterday and the boys are loving every second they get with her and their new baby cousin Annika that they have never met before. Annika was born just three weeks after our Molly…so we are getting lots of sweet baby practice in before the real deal comes home 🙂

Sis and I are planning on chilling in the sun and relaxing! We have a few days until Uncle Jeremy, Drewy, Gavin and Morgan arrive in Tennessee 🙂 Then the crazy fun times begin! I have learned much over the years of living near and very far away from family, that you can not take the time together for granted. There is nothing more meaningful and more precious than time our with family.

Annika is so cozy, cute and happy 🙂 The boys are attached to her from all sides when she is awake. For now, a nap is in order for our Annika and she is getting Molly’s crib all loved up for her cousin.


7 thoughts on “Amanda & Annika in TN

  1. Yeah! You made it! Yah…enjoy that sun Amanda. I’m more than a little envious, although the first snow is always fun no matter how EARLY it comes. 🙂 Annabelle will be making her way back over here in a couple days…looking forward to that. We’ve got her run all shored up for her–new hinges and a METAL water bowl!


  2. Hey guys-Yeah, I’m so glad for you that you two are together. So fun. Keep posting blogs so I can stay informed in all the fun stuff you guys are doing down there where it is warm. I’m going to live vicariously through you until I go hang with Jill in SLC in a couple weeks. You two are getting me all excited.PS Amanda… Bri said she had dinner with Crystal recently!!! wow. She said it was great. Can’t wait to see you when you get back!*jess*


  3. Hey! I am so glad that your sis and he doll baby are here safely and that you are all having good times :o) I can’t wait to meet them!! See you soon!!love-jen


  4. Hey Jen, I too know what it is like to have family far away! I enjoy it too when they can come visit and when I can go visit! Enjoy your visit and have fun!!!Praying that little Molly will get to come home really soon!


  5. Yay! I’m so glad Amanda is there with you. So fun to see pictures of the boys meeting Annika and you two hanging out. 🙂 Enjoy the sun and warm weather, Manda. Love you guys!~Ash


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