Cousin Camp Prep

Sis and I worked on Cousin Camp tshirts yesterday and they turned out so great! Sis designed the iron on and we printed 8 shirts for our week together. Even Molly has a onsies to wear when she comes home 🙂

We are excited to start our adventure today! First on the list…PUMPKIN PATCH 🙂 It is an amazing, sunny day – so we should get some perfect family fall pics.

I have Molly on my heart this morning…I really wish she was here to meet her cousins, Auntie and Uncle, but at the same time – I fully trust Gods timing as HE knows her best! Its coming soon…for now, the COUSIN CAMP breakfast bell is about to ring!


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  1. Love the shirts. Can you guys email me and let me know where you got the cartoon characters? I want to make something for my sister’s kids. I am going up there soon to see her new baby(not born yet). Thanks, Rachel


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