Chillin With My Peeps
This is a sister update….we – are – tired.
Cousin camp took us to three soccer games, the playground and home for swimming, basketball, games, and a steak dinner. We seem to be surviving only because of our sneaky trips to SONIC for cherry limeaides. Happy hour is 2-4 and all drinks are half price 🙂 We are workin it friends.

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  1. You’re speakin’ my SC language…Happy Hour at Sonics is the BEST!!! I’m so glad you and Amanda had some good sis time! You’re probably two of the best mom’s in the world, way to be creative with “cousin camp” and build memories with your kiddos!Anita


  2. So glad you are having fun. It was nice to meet your sister – she rocks!!!! But next time you two “get tired”, call & we'll head for some ice cream ;0)Looks like you had fun at the pumpkin patch. Love photo ops!!!!!We didn't get too much sun.Sunscreen is our best friend here at the ALL WHITE Morris household. Won't HG look pretty around us? HEHEEnjoy the rest of cousin camp. Elijah is already working on his first penpal letter(smiles)-Charity


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