Crib Hang Ups…
Annika is sleeping really well in Molly’s crib! The only time she wakes up crying is when her cute legs get stuck! It is so sweet to have our cousin baby keeping Sissy’s bed warm until she comes home. I finally found some fabric for the bumper and skirt! A super talented gal at church is sewing the brown and pink paisley bumper and brown with pink polka dot skirt…Hopefully that will help with the crib hang ups we got goin on here!
Still waiting for that “travel” phone call….I know it is just around the corner!

One thought on “

  1. Come on phone…..RING!!!!!Lovin the cute little chubby legs hanging out. TOO CUTE. Even more impressive that she can sleep with her legs crossed. Than Southern Belle is trying her best to come out. 😉 -Charity


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