Packing for KOREA!!!!

2 More Days!!!

I am on a packing frenzy guys! Thanks for all the sweet calls of excitement 🙂 I was thinking last night about how beautifully planned out the timing of all this is…We have lived here in Jackson for nearly one year. This time has allowed us to build friendships and a circle of love and support of our baby girl in Korea! She has a huge fan bast that stretches from Georgia to Missouri to Alaska and back to Tennessee! I love how God has uses so many of you to bring this little blessing home.

It means SO much to have you all thinking of our family right now and showing such love in very real ways. If I dont answer the phone, leave a message 🙂 I will listen to them when I get a break from this last minute maddness!!!

Buying Foster family gifts has been so FUN. But seriously, how do you say thank you to the family that has treasured your daughter during her most tender moments? They gave us some suggestions and mostly, they appriciate gifts that tell about who you are and where you are from in the USA.

Well, for the Foster Father…a framed picture of the Howells!, a UT shirt, Tennessee Tractor John Deere hat (any Papa of my daughter has to love JD), some country music (thats is what they consider “America”. For our Foster Mommy…My fav “LOVE” lotion, from Cracker Barrell, Burts Bees stuff, Amy Grant Christmas (my favorite), a plaque to remember our prayers, some Dove (my favorite)pink John Deere hat, a photo album of our home, Molly’s room and our children and a letter of course.

Still have two more gifts to find for other amazing gals who have helped us through this journey to Sissy. Our Korea program director at our agency and Mrs. Lee, the woman in charge at Holt in Korea. I can not wait to meet ALL these new friends in my life!

Oh, wow – time is getting away. Gotta go pack!


6 thoughts on “Packing for KOREA!!!!

  1. Hey Jen, We are planning to be in Seoul on Monday for Shelby Grace’s passport stuff. We will be there in the morning at the US Embassy. I am assuming from the blog post you leave Saturday. If it will work out to see you, we’d love to try since we will be in Seoul anyway. Our train arrives around 10:00 and then we head over to the embassy but lunch or early afternoon would work to see you if it fits into your day. I know it will be a crazy time for you. Just let me know. Jennifer


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