Our Spoiled Girl…

Well of course she is! After 13 years of marriage, the gift of three hardcore bmx bikin’, bball playin, skateboardin’, one zillion percent boy…a girl is just going to be completely princess.

I wanted to show off some adorable gifts from some Alaska friends. My Sis Amanda sells the cutest knit hats you’ve ever seen. She sells them in botiques as well as for her own little business called Bacon Bit Knits. I picked the cupcake cutie for our Molly. She made this while she was here! I love that my Sister is talented in making beautiful sweaters, hats and scarfs for my kids and their webkinz. Thanks Aunite 🙂

My niece Annika has a sweet little bracelet on her wrist that was made by one of my Sisters friends Tasha! She also sells these beautiful treasures and sent one to TN for Molly. I can not wait to clip this pretty keepsake on her little wrist, thanks Tasha for having Molly on your heart!

Another precious gift was also sent with my Sis from Ak! Rachel is a friend that I miss like crazy. We did youth ministry together, and shared the joy of raising sons and now a daughter for her and a daughter for me! I think these little pink and gold satin shoes are ADORABLE. Rachel, thanks for thinking of our girl..I hear Savannah wore some like these! That is so sweet.

I am so pumped and ready to get on that plane! Any suggestions for what to do for 15 hours on one plane? When all else fails, I could make some friends. If you know me and planes or airports..you are laughing right now (Emily).


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  1. You are so welcome for the shoes and I hope they will still fit Molly! They were most definitely my favorite shoes for Savannah because they always stay on!I am used to LONG flights, retired MK!, and I advise; magazines, Sudoku, journal, chocolate, music, Tylenol PM/head pillow/ear plugs and comfy clothes/socks! Have fun meeting new people, too. The whole plane will be blessed by your contagious smile and life perspective. We are praying for you. Love ya!


  2. LOVE THE HAT! Does she have a website? As far as the plane ride, I could not do anything for thinking about my little guy and how close I was to holding him! I always waited for the movie to be over so they would show a map of where we were and how much longer it would be. Have a great trip and I hope to see Molly at our Nov. meeting. Praying for you guys!Jennifer Moore


  3. What amazing gifts! Amanda is incredibly talented with those little hats she makes. Tell her we said hello. Thanks for taking the time to share your journey with all of us. My girls love getting updates on what is going on. Our hearts are with you! (((HUGS)))


  4. Those shoes are absolutly beautiful!!! How sweet!!! The hat is adorable!! Have a very safe trip!! I can not wait to meet Molly in person!! WE are praying for you to get there and return home safely!!! We love you all!Margie


  5. Oh my goodness! Those are the CUTEST little shoes I’ve ever seen!!!!On the plane…. hmmmmmm. In retrospect, it went by very fast for me! A movie, a couple of meals, an attempt at a nap, and we were there! The excitement carries you through! Have a BLAST!!!!Chelle


  6. Jen, if you have an ipod you should download some amazing sermons that Matt and I got to listen to this summer at the Resolved conference in June. So so amazing!! The website is http://www.resolved.org and the topic this year was on Heaven and Hell. They are right on the main website if you scroll down a little and look to the right hand side that says 2008 downloads. So incredible and I would definitely encourage you to check them out for that long plane ride. 🙂Love you and am wishing I could get to hug and kiss sissie too. Love, Ash


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