Sleepless in Seoul

Good morning guys!! It is Monday morning here in Seoul and the sleep I was hoping to catch up on did not happen but thats okay. Who sleeps the night before having a baby anyway? I was experiencing adoptive Mommy contractions all night and woke up every hour. I finally stayed awake at 4 and prayed for our girl as I looked out the huge window to the city. I took some time and wrote in her journal that I would normally forget but because the young Korean man sitting next to me said I was a “very good Mother” for journaling for Sissy, I was inspired to do better for her at that. I also wrote a card for our Foster Mother then layed back down. What happened next was either real or a dream. Either way it was amazing. I woke up to hear a woman yell and then I heard a newborn baby cry….it was precious but this morning I have to find out the scoop on what was going on while I was Sleepless in Seoul.

Kris is working on the next video to put up…our flight to Korea and entertaining drive from the airport. Today we meet our daughter for the first time. Just go ahead and cry Catherine…I will be a mess all day long 🙂 We love having ya’ll on board with us and appriciate the prayer and love you show our family in so many tangible ways.

Sorry I can’t put up pics right now…our computer doesnt have internet so this will do until the next video.

Love From Korea,
Jen, Kris and almost Molly Howell


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  1. What an exciting day! I just got home from Jackson and had to check your blog and hear the latest. I can’t believe today is the day! How exciting. Thanks for allowing us all to take part in your excitement through your blog. It is one in the morning in Asheville, so I am assuming you all are probably already holding your sweet little Molly. We are praying for you all and we can’t wait to see pictures!


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