Mrs. Lee
Our adoption super star here in Korea. Mrs. Lee is the one God used to open the door for us to bring Molly home to TN after moving from AK! She is amazing at her job/ministry to to her country and to families around the globe. She can facilitate 400 adoptions a year…thats a lot of baby lovin. We loved spending time with this woman of God. More on our dinner together later 🙂

Molly Ra-hui is SO adorable. She has quite the personality and was seriously checking us out at our first meeting. She warmed up after the first hour though and let us play with her a little bit. The love of her Foster Mother is truley amazing. Especially since Molly is the 12th baby this woman has fostered in 5 years……

A little tiny hand finally reaches for mine. There is a good post on the emotion that came with the touch of Molly’s sweet hand. A little girl that has been on a long but loving journey to the Howells. Only God can orchestrate such a meeting…

Our growing family makes me smile….I know this sounds insane..but as I watched the Foster Mothers come and go from the clinic to get the well checks, all I could think of is that Molly will have a sister 🙂 Dont tell Kris.

This pic is Kris and I waiting outside the baby room!!!! Nervous, excited, full of joy, hearts pounding and eyes watching every Mother and baby…


Good morning from Seoul! It is 6 am and here I am watching another Korean sunrise which if you know me, is hysterical because I am never up before sunrise 🙂

We slept better last night thanks to sleeping drugs 🙂 Our friend and social worker Natalia handed over the goods last night. Kris took half of an Ambian (sp?) and it knocked him out. I wasnt as brave…because…well I’m a Mom and what Mom can take sleeping pills?? Moms have to wake up if someone needs us right? I took a Nyquill (sp?) and it worked! I only woke up once at 2. So here are some refreshed thoughts on meeting our daugther in a letter form to Molly.

Dear Sweet Molly Ra-hui,

Mommy and Daddy has a great day today waiting with anticipation to meet you. My heart had moments of pounding, fluttering and peace as we took a subway to a shopping village and bought you gifts from your homeland. Thankfully Daddy got distracted talking to two of our friends from college in Georgia (which was a miracle..there are 12 million people in this little country and we met near a little shop) so Mommy bought you up some purses, fans, and chopsticks! Daddy picked you out a beautiful wooden Korean made night lamp for your dresser…it is beautiful! We also bought you a Hambok for your first birthday
As we headed back to the guest house to clean up and pack the gifts we were SO excited we could hardly stand it 🙂 Daddy was calm and overcome with you on the walk over…I was glancing at every baby in a sling wondering if it was you.

We walked into the Holt office and sat down. Mommy took video of Foster Mothers coming in and out with babies…my heart was leaping for YOU and for our God who knew that at 3:00 on Monday in Seoul, South Korea, that our hearts would collide with yours, and oh how they did.

Mrs. Lee is a beautiful Korean woman who has worked for Holt for 15 years. She is the one who made the exception for you to come home to Tennessee. She led us into the room and there you were wearing a pink jacket and white outfit! Your Foster Mommy was wiping your runny nose and assuring you that we were Oma and Opa (Mommy and Daddy). You took a bow with your Foster Mommy and we were full of smiles and amazed at how big and healthy you were!

She handed you over to me and you let me hold you just long enough to give you that long awaited kiss on those adorable cheeks. Daddy was running the camera and playing peek a boo with you!

At first you were unsure about us wided eyed, smiling, cooing and tickling crazy strangers…but soon you warmed up and started talking, making funny faces, and clapping! Mommy was trying to ask lists of questions about you and Daddy kept you entertained.


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  1. oh, how precious! thank you, thank you for letting us share in your joy. molly is adorable as you know. you are each in our thoughts and prayers! can’t wait to see more on your blog. tears of joy won’t stop coming!


  2. Sister!!!! Each day, I still can’t believe you guys are in Korea picking up Molly. I’m sure by now, you have her in your arms for good!!!! Can’t wait to see more. I love you and am dying to talk. I’m praying happy, sleepy baby prayers for the trip home tomorrow!! 🙂


  3. crying tears of joy for you guys. I am so very touched by this continuing BEAUTIFUL story. I am so blessed to witness God’s amazing handiwork…………Hugs and loves for all 3 of you!-love,jen


  4. I am on pins just always waiting to see a new post from ya’ll on my Google Reader. What fantastic pictures you have!!! And what an exciting place to be…Seoul! Kaela is in awe! And our whole family is just glued to your happenings every day. Thanks so much for taking us along for your journey. Praise God for the many beautiful ways he grows families!!! All all our love and prayers! 🙂 XXXXXX


  5. WoW! I love to read your blog! My eyes have welled with happy tears each time I read! God is truly amazing, and so evident through each of your entries. I absolutely love the picture of you and Molly’s hand, so touching and wow what an adventure, which is only just beginning! 🙂 Great job to Kris for the video clips, love those.


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