We Believe In Love @ 1st Sight 🙂

No words tonight to describe how Molly Ra-hui (pronounced La-Hee) stole our hearts today! What a dolly girl. More details tomorrow about our meeting time…it was precious, but she definitely is attached to her Foster Mommy and I wouldnt have it any other way. Our advocate here in Seoul with Holt said that is a good sign that she attached so well to this Foster Mommy… It may make for a really hard plane ride home but she is so worth it! Pray for her and for us when we receive her in our arms/sling on Wed (Tues for ya’ll).

Friends, meet Molly. She is a joy already and of course a genious! She can clap, say Momma (O-ma), has two teeth, and took 5 steps on her own this week! Her 9 month birthday is coming in a couple days. Shes beautiful, fun and likes to play with Daddy.

Gotta go…need-more-sleep:) Had a great day today out on the city. We will backtrack and load up that video here soon!

We got Seoul (actually Seoul’s got us)


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  1. How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! 1 JOHN 3:1As I wipe spit up off my shoulder and a tear from my eye, I rejoice with you! What a precious baby girl God has chosen for your family. What a journey, what a blessing…Love you guys! Love the photos, stories and videos. Praying for Molly’s transition and your flight HOME! Pam:)


  2. Congratulations guys!Molly is beautiful and that video made me cry thinking back on how it seems not so long ago that we received Malea in our arms! She turned 9 months old one day before we met her and we thought it was such a fun age to bond with her! Have fun on the flight home and I think your flight back should be a few hours shorter due to the jet stream and that is GREAT when you have her with you on the way back! 🙂Can’t wait to see more updatesLove Marc and Abby Spear


  3. Jen I’m so happy for you and the boys. I can’t believe that all of that waiting and praying has finally led to this. What an amazing story! I love you and congratulations!!Mayerly


  4. Jen & Kris & boys–I am thrilled for you and check back every hour (even though currently it is only 6:15am there!) for updates. All day I have been thinking about how the Lord searches out each one of us, just like you searched out Molly and are bringing her home. This song, by Paul Alan, just played on the radio and it seemed perfect for you. Here's the chorus:Hello, it's me i couldn't sleep I was just counting sheep.I'm missing you.Hello, it's me i couldn't sleep I was just counting sheep.I left the ninety-nine to find the oneAnd you're the oneI walked a thousand miles in this desert sunOnly to bring you back.Love, Holly M.


  5. Okay, I am crying too and Sydney and Tyler are ready to meet Molly in person. What a beautiful soul her foster Mom is to love and raise Molly and then entrust her to you and send her across the world!It is a miracle and we are so grateful to watch and share. God is Mighty!Love you ,Jennifer A


  6. Jen and Chris! She is BEAUTIFUL! Talk about a tear jerker…..wow. I am so overwhelmed with joy for you guys! Now your family is complete….it’s time to come home and let those loving boys get their sweet arms around their precious baby sister. Love you guys….can’t wait for you to get home!-love jen


  7. You guys…I am totally bawling over here–I mean bawling…with JOY for you. My heart is overwhelmed with prayer for Mommy, Daddy, Molly, Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy. God is so AMAZING…so GOOD.


  8. I’m right there along with everyone else in a well of tears here. I’m so thankful for your videos, Kris and Jenny. I love them and can’t believe you got to hold and touch your new baby girl. Oh thank you, Lord! You and the boys (and we) have waited so long and you now have met her and get to take her home. I called mom to let her know you were meeting Molly and we squealed and were all excited together. I’m praying for you both throughout my days and will especially keep the plane ride in prayer. Love you both! ~Ashee


  9. Oh dear…I really need to quit reading your blog at work. 🙂 Molly is absolutly the most precious wee little girl. The Lord has given her a wonderful family…both there and here. She looks so happy and healthy. Congratulations on your baby girl, Kris and Jen.


  10. Oh my word! That is the most precious video. I can not imagine all the feelings rushing through you at the sight of your beautiful Molly (finally!) Have fun lovi’ on her!


  11. Kris & Jen, just got to work and had to check how you two were coming on … and what do I get to see? The cutest little Molly girl ever! Choking back tears here (can’t look like a cry baby at work!) Jen, it looks like a “God match” to me. You three take care and bring Molly home so we can all meet her! God Bless … Ann-Marie


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