Taking off shoes in a Korean resturant is an absolute. This was our second time to sit on the floor…I love these tables! We sat on silk cushions. Our group of four families and our sweet guide talked, shared stories, and contact information for our children 🙂 Kris has a little bit of a struggle sitting indian style…he did his best for you Molly!

Check out this deliciousness! A sizzling hot stone pot is placed in front of me, full of sticky rice on the bottom and on the top fresh veggies and one raw egg. Dont’ panic…you use chop sticks to mix up and cook the egg. Then you add all kinds of yummy sauces and enjoy! Kinda like a personal stir fry.

This King is very famous for being a King for the people….he took the ancient Korean language that was only used by the upper class rich folks and created a written form that could be used by everyone. IT was easier to learn. Our tour guide said he had a big heart for his people.

Daddy wants to bring this tree home! The city is full of beautiful green trees. Sorry Keaton, no climbing the Palace trees 🙂

Loving the Palace, its beauty, its history and the culture that is our daughters through her birth country. We hope to keep it as alive as possible for our Molly.

Here we are at a pic of the Rock Star Rulers of S. Korea…check out the little princess on the right!

Just plain adorable 🙂 Peace out sista.

Another picture stop! These girls wanted to give me “high five” and started giggling when I helf up my camera 🙂 So cute.

I got stopped by this group of boys…they wanted to take a picture with me 🙂 I was laughing..they were too cute. Flashing a peace sign in the center of Seoul with a group of Japanese boys was a pretty global moment for me….

New friends through adoption! Meet Hagu from Norway, mother to three Korean cuties…Justin, Jacob and the newest child Sara. Elizabeth is the gal we met at the ATL airport 🙂 They ae bringing home their second Korean child. We had fun being with five other families talking and sharing about how adoption has been a blessing and a beautiful way to grow a family.

Kris and Andrew… Andrew and his wife Tracy are from L.A. and it was fun hanging out with them too! They are adopting their first child.

Why are these reporters taking pictures of us???? I need to check the paper today because we stopped downtown at the Apple Day event (it was Apple Day or the “day of apology” here and we all got to eat apply slices 🙂 The reporters starting chattering and gathered around us then an important man handed us apples and asked us to take bite 🙂 Cameras snapped like crazy….It was Kris and I and another family from Norway, here to adopt their third Korean sweetheart.

Our tour guide was SO sweet!! She showed us all over Seoul and bought us Korean candy and snacks to try. She let us shop and then took us to a famous resturant to eat..it was pretty fancy. We got to spend the rest of the afternoon with her and she helped us do some bargan shopping 🙂

We love Seoul! It is one happenin city! 12 million people call Seoul home. There are bikes everywhere, the streets are packed, people walking everywhere and they have some pretty sweet neon lights! You can tell that they are more advanced technilogically than us Americans…for example, the clear glass signage for the restroom was glowing and changing colors…pretty snazy until I went into the restroom and realized it was open to both men and women. At least the ladies stall had a door that locked 🙂

The subway system is great here! Easy to get around (for Kris that is…on my own I would be like What About Bob on the elevator)


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