The Delivery…

The video version is coming all of you Molly fans 🙂 but I thought I would put up some pics to hold you over until it is finished. We will post three more videos of our trip as soon as we get them put together.

So the wait time from acceptance to referral was 27 months…the “labor” time after we received her picture was 5 months, the trip to the “hospital” was 15 hours..and the delivery was 30 minutes!

We showed up at the agency to pick up Molly and thought it would take a while but we were in and out of there in 30 minutes…I totally lived in the moment, watching my daughter be fed her last bottle by her loving Foster Momma and tried to listent to Mrs. Lee give Kris and I her final instructions on feeding, Immigration and most importantly…her favorite blanket (this info has saved our little girl much grieving – whew).

After her bag was packed with formula medical files, outfits from Foster Momma I sat down to have the carrier snapped on and my little daughter placed inside…the videos will show all this but it was overwhelming and sweet.
Molly started to cry, I hugged on the Foster Mother and all the other heros in our adoption that were standing there waving us off…my heart just ached for the Foster Mommy…we received a gift and our hearts will finally full with this long awaited blessing, and her heart was emptied once again as she poured out her life and love to our little girl only to see her carried off by her adoptive parents. Her final words through the translator were “please, please, send pictures soon!”. I also sent Molly’s baby book home with her from our first meeting and she gave it to me with a sweet message in Korean that is also on the video. Our FM was holding back the tears and held a tissue up to her face as we walked out the door. I kept looking back saying “thank you” and she motioned to keep going…that was so hard.
We walked to the guest house and Molly fell asleep on the walk over! Huge answer to prayer because she was so tired. We sat and watched her for an hour until those little eyes opened up. After that, it was no different than having a brand new baby. All the “firsts” were caught on camera like the first toy she touched, the first bite she took, her first bottle, first smile, laugh, her first diaper change and on and on it went as we prayed and watched our baby girls new life with us begin to unfold. The baby we had hoped for all this time was sitting on my lap making funny faces at her new Daddy. We couldnt take our eyes off her.


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  1. Sweet Howells, THANK YOU for posting pictures. This definitely holds me over until the videos come. Wow you guys…you are such amazing parents. I love seeing your smiles and loving to Molly. Welcome sweet little girl. You have been prayed for and hoped for for so long!!! We are so happy you’re finally home. I really want to be there to hug you all so I’m sending my hugs and kisses through the wires! ~Ashley


  2. I am so happy. Molly is amazing. What a beautiful blessing. Your whole family means the world to me and now it is even bigger….a perfect little princess has finally arrived. Thank You, Jesus!


  3. I love it. Your thoughts are so heartfelt & honest. I know there is probably more intimate feelings, but I appreciate you sharing these with us. It really puts this journey into perspective. Your family is truly blessed. Enjoy it all. Be just like Mary – “treasure & ponder” on all of it!!!!!! What a blessing it has been to follow you guys around the world to sweet little Molly. May God continue to Bless, Charity


  4. Sweet, sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing with us! I wish I was in Jackson so I could meet her in person. We are continuing to pray for her and her transition into your family.


  5. Thanks for posting some pictures to “tide us over”! I feel as though I’ve been checking your blog every ten minutes! 🙂 Not quite that often…but every time I’ve checked I’ve tried to pacify myself with reminders of what it’s like to have a new baby–cherishing every moment–counting all those tiny eyelashes–taking it all in. You certainly don’t want to take your eyes off your sweet one for a single moment. Savor it all! I’m just so happy for you. Love to you all and prayers too as you transition to life as a family of six!


  6. Oh Jen and Kris! She is absolutely adorable! I can’t wait for you guys to com eback and visit and we can meet her in person. We are praying the transition goes smoothly for you guys and that Molly will attach to everyone so quickly. Let us know if there is anything you need from here!Love you guysJennifer


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