Americans in Korea..must be Brad & Angelina :)

Pink Bikes & School Girls

Everywhere we walked I saw pink bikes parked on the street. There were bikes everywhere, but the pink ones were so cool. If I lived in Korea, I would own a hot pink bike but I would have to add some flames to it for my boys.

Another one of my favorite things to see in Seoul were school girls running around in large clusters EVERYWHERE. When school was out they were all over the subway stations and walking together having fun! Each time we ran into a group of girls they would look at us and giggle :). I thought they were making fun of us because we were so “American” or something.

This particular afternoon we went out to buy Molly some Korean educational books, posters for her room, and other fun things before we went to pick her up. They said, “hello, nice to meet you!” and we could tell that was the English line they had practiced most. They stopped for a picture with us and I asked them why they were laughing at us…they said, “you are very beautiful and we thought you and your husband were Brad and Angelina”. I said, “you ladies are the beautiful ones!!! ” They said….”REALLY, you think so? ” They were adorable. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA. We were cracking up :). So I guess the giggles were compliments but I’m not so sure where they got the Brangelina look alike idea from?

Me and Jessica..the best English speaking gal we met. She was very brave and said the other girls wanted to talk to us but they were embarrassed about their English. We had a fun talk with Jess.

Here are the giggle girls striking an American pose for the camera. They tried to get the look and couldnt quite remember how it went until Kris picked up on what they were trying to do and gave them a demo…pretty stinking cute.


5 thoughts on “Americans in Korea..must be Brad & Angelina :)

  1. How fun to read your updates! What a cute story and picture with these girls. Jen, you did a great job keeping us all wrapped up in this precious story. Thank you! Molly is absolutely adorable and perfect in your family. It was fun to webcam with you last night for a few minutes! Get some sleep. Love ya, Rachel


  2. Those school girls are pretty cute..I personally think you guys are way better looking than Brad and Angie..and for sure more beautiful inside!! Molly is just precious..I hope to meet her one day. I wish you guys were going to be home in AK the same time I am.


  3. THANKS for the updates! Phew, I too have been checking like crazy! Now that Molly is safe in your arms, I thought I’d be able to relax the blog checking, but…NOPE! Not yet! What a beautiful STORY you have…it must be told, maybe that’s why I keep checking! What a great affirmation in how awesome our God is. And hurrah for pink! I have one girl who adores the color, the other who greatly dislikes it…can you guess who is who?!!


  4. That’s such a cute and funny story…but you two are beautiful together. Jen, I always thought you looked a bit like Christy Turlington. I think I have become obsessed with checking your page! The girls are always asking me about Molly and y’all. You guys are amazing to take the time to update your blog when you have so much going on! Jen, you need to get a matching set of pink bikes for you and Molly…how cool is that? Only maybe hot pink for you with your dynamic personality! 🙂 Thanks for letting us into your life in a such an intimate way through your wonderful blog! Praise God for your newly enlarged family!!! 🙂


  5. You two crack me up!!! And the girls are right – you both are beautiful, but you are even more beautiful on the inside.When Molly gets older you’ll have to get you one of those pink bikes to match Molly’s. And NO Flames Allowed!!!! We girls have to stand up for each other. -Charity


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