Molly handled her first Sunday with grace…she was lovingly mobbed by fans both Sunday morning at church and Sunday night at youth! She slept through the service and I LOVED having her in my arms. She has been with me on Sunday since May 30, when I got her first picture 🙂 and there have been tears of missing Molly shed as we waited and waited. What a beautiful day it was Sunday to hold the miracle of our adoption in my arms.


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  1. What a cute dress, I wonder where she got it. hehehe. I am so happy that she is there in Tennessee. I cannot wait to meet little Molly and see just how much the boys have grown. March cannot come soon enough. I love you guys. Keep taking care of my brother for me. Love always ~Katie


  2. You are up late aren’t you, friend? What a sweetheart Molly is in that pretty little dress! One of these days we will have to make our way out there to visit and spend a day or two together! Give Molly…and all your precious kiddos hugs and kisses for us. Much love 🙂


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