Howells Hope For Sissy

Bringing Molly home was too much for words…it hit me as our Korean Air plane had touched down in Chicago, that our Hope ws now a reality because of Gods faithfulness. The tears came as the pilot said “on behalf of Korean air..we would like to welcome you to the United States” that I was holding our daughter in my arms and now the next Hope began. To raise her in the knowlege and amazing, unfailing love of our God. A life long journey that all began the night her birth mother chose to give her life…and then continued the night we walked through the doors to to the Howell home! What an honor to raise this miracle that God has big plans for. The lives she has touched already are too many to count…all before her big homecoming!! Welcome HOME Molly Ra-hui Howell. You are loved baby doll.


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  1. Jen,The stories, pictures, and videos are amazing! Thanks so much for making time for the blog so that we can share in your excitement! Your happiness is contagious — I am so, so happy for your awesome family!LoveMandy


  2. Oh boys…I’ve been waiting for these pictures!!!!! We are so happy for you three and know you’ll be the best big brothers ever to Molly! I have two older brothers that are 7 and 8 years older than me. I grew up being so loved, protected and taken care of by them. I know you’ll do the same for your Molly! We miss you guys!!!


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