Back Trackin…
The Int Airport in Seoul was beautiful, sparkling clean, and so fancy. Never ever seen anything like it before in the U.S.A. A gal swept the carpet in the bathroom right after someone walked across it 🙂 There were mini orchastra groups playing at the gates…seriously people – we have some updating to do in our airports!
We took full advantage to the play area for little ones! Looking back at these pictures is so crazy. Its so neat how quickly Molly has become our daughter…actually for us – it was instant. I’m thankful for that. I love looking at these shots and knowing how far we have come relationally in just 5 exhausting days. Shes our girl. I look pretty gone in this pic, but hey – its cute of Molly…thats what matters 🙂

Daddy’s Girl…completely

She is super smart and we take no credit for that obviously except for the zillions of prayers over the years on her behalf, that she would be in loving, nurturing arms. She was. She is a genious 🙂 because of love.

Molly and Mommy in front of the flight schedule out of Seoul…what a feeling that was. I was half asleep and so cuddled up with my daughter Icould have fallen asleep right there in the pic!

First Play Date! Molly LOVES Daddy, he can make her smile and laugh the minute he walks in her view!

I had to ask special permission to take this I did. Couldnt miss this one. What a huge moment as we entered the United States with our Korean princess.

A twelve hour flight requires creativity…we ran out of it, so on went the head phones and she LOVED the Korean childrens music and cartoons 🙂 SO CUTE

Kisses, kisses and more kisses. She is yummy. I love her raspy Jazz voice 🙂 Molly’s personality really came out today after 3 days at home! She is a blast.

This picture is worth a thousand words…the bracelet Molly and Daddy are playing with is one of the “Howells Hope For Sissy” fund raising support bracelets we gave out three years ago. Kris has worn it EVERY day. It used to be pink, now it is…..greyish. Sissy got ahold of it while they were playing and it became her teething ring on the flight! Daddy has worn that thing faithfully and now it is in the hands of the one HOPED for.


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  1. Thanks for all these new posts! They are beautiful!!!! I can’t believe her standing and walking already…. What a beauty too. 🙂 I loved India’s pics on Facebook too… I cried looking at them too! Catching more ZZzzzz’s? Hope so.


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