Splish Splash

Molly loves baths!!! She tackles the water, splashing and swimming like a little fishy. We get lots of smiles until the boys start coming in and out and the air gets cold 🙂

We love clean, yummy smelling babies…so its a good thing Sissy likes to splash!

We are doing better around here with our nights and days…daytime is going smooth with 2 naps just like she did in Korea..night night time is not so great, but that is to be expected, so we are working through it 🙂

I am one tired Mommy and if you ever hear anyone utter words of nonsense about how adoption is the “easy” way to have kids….send em my way! There is nothing easy about it, but after having three biological births and now one adopted birth…I can tell you that it is an amazing journey that you all should consider and pray about! But it is NOT easy. If you dont feel called to the blessing of adoption, there are a zillion ways to help others who desperately want a child through adoption. Maybe a post will come on ways you all can be involved in the lives of children all over this world who need families to love them.

We only have ONE and you all can see how much joy and growth she has brought to our lives since we started the process four years ago! I always thought that one child couldnt possibly make the world better place…but MOLLY does because God has used her story to open hearts to adoption and others to support adoption as a way to grow a family! A couple thousand lives have been touched by our baby girl…just one child. I hope your heart has been stirred to care for the orphans…each one waiting for a chance at a family.


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  1. Oh man! She ALREADY looks so comfortable in your arms, so happy, and so at peace! Seems like Kate (home 7 months) is just now starting to “open up”!Such a sweetie! CONGRATS!!!!Prayers here for night night time! It will get better!Chelle


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